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Taxi service

Get around town by taxi and devote yourself entirely to enjoying your program, leaving the problem of route planning and parking to professionals.

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Főnix Taxi

Főnix Taxi is the largest, market-leading tax company of the city of Debrecen. If called to an address within the city limits, a car is guaranteed to arrive within a few minutes.

The phone number of Főnix Taxi: +36 (52) 444-444. For the sake of simplicity, it is also possible to call a taxi by way of the GPS-based application after using a QR code.
-    6+1 seat taxi (airport transfers)
-    7+1 seat Hyundai H1 minibus (maximum comfort, personalized services, trips to the countryside or abroad, transfer to Budapest)
-    Station-wagons
-    Shopping (also via VIBER)
-    viber
-    Helping with various errands
-    Transporting pets
-    Helping start vehicles in the cold
-    Delivery of fuel
-    Towing, trailer service
-    Smoke-free taxi (smoke-free driver)
-    Non-smoking taxi (no smoking in the vehicle)

+36 52 444-444

City Taxi

City Taxi Debrecen has been serving passengers in Debrecen reliably since 1989. Its fleet of 120 vehicles can satisfy any need. They look forward to the calls from their existing and future customers, 24 hours a day, at the number +36 (52) 555-555.

The aim of City Taxi Debrecen is to keep their passengers’ trust, while adjusting to the ever-faster pace of life. Quick and precise customer relations are important to the, which is why they have a 24-hour dispatcher service, making it possible to record and organize the ordering of taxis accurately and quickly. From August 2014, a free smartphone application is also available to clients, so they can order a taxi as easily and simply as possible.
Having surveyed the broad range of customer needs, they also have in their fleet comfortable, large-sized, air-conditioned vehicle, as well as station wagons suitable for the transportation of sizeable luggage.
Their services include a shopping service, the possibility to order 6+1 seat car, smoking/non-smoking cars, as well as the transportation of pets.
Their aim is to get to know and assess their customer base as efficiently as possible, in the hopes that they can continuously expand the scope and improve the quality of the services.
Passengers may place orders by phone, online or with the use of the smartphone application. The dispatcher service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays.

+36 52 555-555

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