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Hajdúszoboszló is one of the most popular bath resorts of Hungary. The spa based on thermal water treasure, due to its continuous developments, became the largest bath complex of Europe. The open-air bath, Aquapark and Aqua-Palace offer unforgettable adventures throughout the year to its recuperating and recreating guests and to families of any size.

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Hajdúszoboszló, the city of well-being

Hajdúszoboszló, the most well known bathing city of the Hungarian Great Plain welcomes you and your family. Be our guests in order to be able to experience the full adventure of recreation!

The conditions of active and passive recreation are available in Hajdúszoboszló thanks to the endowments and services of the city. The catering units, hotels and the city of Hajdúszoboszló offer a wide variety of programs in addition to bathing. The well maintained and landscaped resort city is perfectly suitable for the recreation of families and those, who wish to recuperate, who wish to refresh themselves.

Hajdúszoboszló is the most well known bath-city of the Hungarian Great Plain – its main attraction its bathing complex with its famous spa, open-air bath, Aquapark and the Aqua-Palace.


This famous spa of great traditions became a national recuperation centre thanks to its thermal water and its numerous world class health services. In the spa of Hajdúszoboszló the guests may request – in addition to bath treatments – 40 different therapies, which exert their best effect if they are applied combined with each other. Open throughout the year.


Aqua-Palace awaits those wishing to rest with covered thematic pools, chutes, child friendly services and with a wide variety of programs, in the winter as well.Open throughout the year.


Address: 4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Szent István park 1-3.
Web: www.hungarospa.hu
Tel.: +36 52/558-551
E-mail: thermaltourist@hungarospa.hu

Bell House
Address: 4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Szent István park 1.
Tel.: +36 52/558 928
E-mail: tourinform@hajduszoboszlo.hu

Bocskai István Museum
Address: 4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Bocskai 12.
Tel.: +36 52/362 165
E-mail: bocskaimuzeum@freemail.hu

Fortress Wall and Tower
Address: 4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Kálvin tér 9.

Reformed Church
Address: 4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Kálvin tér 9.
Web: http://szoboszloreformatus.hu
Tel.: +36 52/361 243

Roman Catholic Church
Address: 4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Bocskai 1.
Web: http://szoboszloplebania.hu
Tel.: +36 52/272 274; +36 52/270 112

Greek Catholic Church
Address: 4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Szilfákalja 27.
Tel.: +36 52/610 831
E-mail: eparchia@gorogkatolikus.hu

Czeglédy House
Address: 4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Vasvári Pál 40.
Web: http://gazdahaz-hajduszoboszlo.hu
Tel.: +36-52/359 119

Adventure Park - “Hajdúszoboszlói Mókuskaland Élménypark”
Address: 4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Liget utca 23.
Web: www.mokuskalandpark.hu
Tel.: +36 20/367 2862

Tuba Farm
Web: www.tubatanya.hu
Tel.: + 36 30/456 8839
E-mail: tubatanya@freemail.hu


Grilled Food and Beer Festival—May
Meeting of Hajdú Towns—June
Szoboszló Folk Weekend—July
Szoboszló Medieval Games—July
Szoboszló Dixielend Days—August
Kösely Cup Horse Race—August
Town Celebration – National Holiday—20 August
Hajdúszoboszló Bio Food and Wine Festival—September
Martin Day Goose Fest—November
Cracking the Whips on New Year’s Eve—31 December

More information:

Tourinform Hajdúszoboszló
Address: 4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Szent István park 1-3.
Web: www.hajduszoboszlo.hu/en
Tel.: +36 52/558 928
E-mail: hajduszoboszlo@tourinform.hu

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