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Kerekestelep Thermal & Outdoor Pool

Kerekestelepi Thermal & Outdoor Pool is situated in Debrecen, by highway 47, opposite the airport.

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It provides guests with opportunities to sit back and enjoy the calm and peaceful environment with unpolluted air, in the shade of large trees. It is an ideal spot for families with small kids to relax and also for less young guests to benefit from the medicinal properties of the thermal waters. Visitors will find two thermal ponds as well as a gradually deepening pool with cold water. The shady area fringed with lush greenery offers innumerable opportunities to play or do sports. Alkaline and hydrogen-carbonated, the thermal water is rich in fluoride, iodide and bromide. Used in drinking treatments, it is highly recommended to cure hyperacidity. It is also beneficial to patients suffering from rheumatism, muscle pains, joint and backbone arthritis, joint conditions and other problems with the locomotor organs as well as disc hernia. The area of the spa also gives home to a campsite with a capacity to bed 250 guests!

Opening hours:

Monday: closed
Tuesday-Friday: 11:00-19:00
Saturday-Sunday: 9:00-19:00

Adult: 1100 HUF
Retired: 900 HUF
Student (3-18 years): 900 HUF
Family: 2 adults+2 children (3-14 years): 2800 HUF
Adults card for 10 entrances: 10000 HUF
Retired and student card for 10 entrances: 8000 HUF
Sauna: 400 Ft

Address and contact information:
4030 Debrecen, Szávay Gyula u. 22.
Tel./Fax: +36 52/470-745
E-mail: info@kerekestelepifurdo.hu
Web: www.kerekestelepifurdo.hu

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