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You can download a map of the trips from bottom of the page.

Trip: Csereerdő tour (hiking tour, No. 8. on the map)
Distance: 8 km
Time required: 3 hours
Description and sights: From the Kinizsi press following the white + trail first through a built up area, and then along the shore of Lake Fancsikai I. we arrive at the Látóhegyi observation tower, children come here sleigh-riding in winter, where the trees are now taller than the tower. Along the lake we can take great pleasure in the water-birds, and meet anglers catching “monsters”. We take trail G to the Vámospércsi Road, close to the stop of the Zsuzsi train at Csereerdő.
Distance app. 8 km, time required 2.5-3 hours

Trip: From Hármashegy to Haláp Inn (hiking tour No. 11. on the map)
Distance: 8 km
Time required: 3 hours
Description and sights: From the Halápi Inn, following trail B, and by touching the observation tower we can go up to the Hármashegyi leisure centre, where we can even do some barbeque. We definitely have to go up to the tower especially if it’s sunny: the view is magnificent. I advise tracking the study path (they used to sell descriptions of it in the cashier's office of the Zsuzsi train), it is marked with a green oak-leaf; we can then return to the Inn taking the bicycle Road.
Distance without the study path app. 8 km, together with the study path, some 15 km. time required 2.5, and 5 hours respectively.

Trip: Hajdúbagos Tour (hiking tour, No. 9. on the map)
Distance: 15 km
Time required: 5 hours
Description and sights: From the Kati-bridge we follow route R to Lake Vekeri, were there are resting and eating facilities, and which is also a Blue Tour stamp place. Taking the R L ruin trail, we leave for the route among the hawthorn shrubs (watch out, in case of heavy rain the channel is difficult to cross), and tracking trail G we move on from the rowing course towards the cemetery on the outskirts of Mikepércs, here following the directions of the sign showing Lake Rókás, we continue on trail Y towards Hajdúbagos also touching Lake Rókás, were we pass the blind mole rat reserve. We will not see blind mole rats, they lead a very hidden life. At the station we can find a pub.
Distance app. 15 km, time required – without fishing - 5 hours

Trip: Hármashegy Tour (hiking tour, No. 5. on the map)

Distance: 11 km
Time required: 3 hours
Description and sights: In Martinka we set off from the coach-station tagging along trail R. We reach the Road to Hajdúsámson which was completed and covered with asphalt not long ago, and then we move on towards the Martinka protected marsh, which is marvellous in spring with the masses of the blooming yellow flowers of the marsh marigold. We turn right where courses R and Y continue together, however when trail Y turns left we also continue in this direction. Always following this trail we get to the Hármashegy leisure centre, where there is a buffet at weekends and during season.
Distance: if we arrive by the Zsuzsi train, 7, otherwise 11 km, time required 2.5 – 3 hours.

Trip: Hármashegy Tour (hiking tour, No. 1. on the map)

Distance: 22 km
Time required: 7 hours
Description and sights: We start off from the Hármashegy leisure centre towards the observation tower following route B. There is a wonderful view from the observation tower, when the weather is good, the Bihar Mountains are visible. Lake Hármashegy district is a perfect place to have a rest, and it can be reached, by way of a little detour on the oak-leaf marked route of the study path. The inn is a stamp place, and Lake Bodzás is the dwelling site of water-birds. The Erdőspuszta exhibition centre is an interesting spot, a resting and a stamp place. At the Lake Mézeshegyi several anglers have placed benches where we can have a rest and see a number of water-birds. Our tour ends at the bus stop near the Kati-bridge. Following route R we can visit and take a rest at Lake Vekeri. There is a buffet by the lake, and a restaurant called Bóbitás in the Dorcas camping.
Distance: 22 km, time required 6-7 hours.

Trip: Lake Mézeshegyi – Haláp Inn (hiking tour, No. 10. on the map)

Distance: 20 km
Time required: 6 hours
Description and sights: From the Kati-bridge, we follow the BR trail along the Kati stream to Lake Mézeshegyi, we go around the lake following the R route and then through the BR trail we reach the place of the Ludas Inn. By touching the former Pipóhegyi School – now Two Oak Guest House – we reach the R course, which leads us to the Halápi Inn. On the way there are no shopping facilities, make sure to take food and drink with you!
Distance app. 18 km, time required 5.5-6 hours.

Trip: Ördögárok (hiking tour, No. 2. on the map)
Distance: 22 km
Time required: 7 hours
Description and sights: Following route G along the rails turning right from the Vámospércs railway station. We reach the former Állóhegyi School and then the cross-route R. (If we would like to quit we can reach Haláp turning right on route R, first we get to the railway station then the inn.) Heading straight on route G we can first reach the Halápi and then the Bodzás water reservoir. Both are the covers of water-birds and anglers. After the Bodzás, routes G and B jointly head towards the Panoráma Road where we turn right towards the Látóhegyi observation tower. The route shortly turns left to enter the forest and lead us near Lake Fancsika I. (Bálhegy) through the Bál-hill (nice pinewood). The end of the route and our tour is on Vámospércsi Road, at the Csereerdő station of the Zsuzsi train, opposite we find the exhibition area showing the so-called Ördögárok (Devil’s Pit), the reconstructed ruins of the IV century Sarmatic defence system.
Note: Shops and pubs are only to be found in the village in Vámospércs, there are none on the tour, make sure to take food and drink with you.
Distance: 22 km, time required 6-7 hours.

Trip: Pac – Lake Vekeri Tour (hiking tour, No. 6. on the map)

Distance: 9 km
Time required: 3 hours
Description and sights: At the Pac school we set off in front of the shop taking trail R L (ruins), first on a dirt road a in built-up area. Close to the well of a water works the road takes us into the forest, we are first surrounded by pine-wood then acacia, then on our right we find a slaughter-house. On the Hosszúpályi road slightly right from the trail we find Captain Szarka’s tomb and on the left the Folk Art creative quarters, the building of which was previously a school. We continue on this trail and through diverse forests we reach a horse farm. Reaching the hawthorn bushes and passing them we cross a channel – when it rains it is difficult to cross – and arrive at Lake Vekeri. It is a Blue Tour stamp place, and we have the chance to rest, fish or toast bacon in a civilized environment, then we can reach the bus stop at the Kati-bridge through the route marked R. There is a restaurant called Bóbitás in the Dorcas camping.

Trip: Pallag – Bocskaikert (hiking tour, No. 3. on the map)
Distance: 16 km
Time required: 5 hours
Description and sights: We start off from the clinics tram stop towards Pallag Road following route R. Our tour first reaches the Water Works then the cemetery; we can have a rest at the Pallag pub. Heading along the orchards we can expect considerable mud from time to time; the site to see until we reach Bocskaikert is the ostrich farm, which is marked as forester's lodge on the map. In Bocskaikert the Vén Diófa Inn is on the left hand side of our course.
Distance: 16 km, time required 4.5 – 5 hours

Trip: Panoráma Road – Erdőspusztai exhibiton centre (hiking tour, No. 7. on the map)

Distance: 3 km
Time required: 1 hour
Description and sights: It is a good idea to get off the bus at the Panoráma Road. We set off parallel with the route of the coach going from Debrecen to Bánk, and then we reach the information board, which shows us the way to the Fancsikai church ruins. We can see the reconstructed foundation of the church and can also read its history. Going back to the Diószegi Road we can visit the horse ranch at Bánk, not far from here is the school of Bánk with a bus stop. Returning to the Panoráma Road and taking a right turn we soon arrive at the Erdőspuszta exhibition centre. It is highly unlikely that we would find the half-buried houses of the ‘vacants’ elsewhere (‘Vacants’ were the people living around Debrecen occupied with stocking and taking care of forests until the trees grew up). We can visit the exhibition centre, the arboretum and can organize programmes for children.

Trip: Zelemér church ruins (hiking tour, No. 4. on the map)
Distance: 12 km
Time required: 4 hours
Description and sights: We start off left from the bus stop in Kartács Street following route Y (we tag along this route until the end of the tour!). The Road takes us into the Great Forest and the Old Oak-wood, reaching the Meszes, on the right we can still see the remains of the one-time forester's lodge and the youth camp. Arriving at Alsójózsa, before we leave the settlement, in the Nagyszentgyörgy Street on the right, we come across “Emil’s pub”, where we can have a rest. Following the bus route on the left we can make a detour to the ruins of the Hajdúszentgyörgyi church, which we can reach by crossing the railway, crossing the bridge over the Tócó stream and then by going up the hill in front of the first house. After the diversion we may return to our original route marked Y, which leads us to the road heading towards Bodaszőlő. On the right, making another slight bypass, we find the sandy oak-wood. Returning to our route, we first reach the railway, and then opposite the station we find the ruins of the Zelemér church.
Distance: 12 km, time required 3.5 – 4 hours.

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