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In the area of Hajdú-Bihar county a number of opportunities are available for hunters to enjoy their hobby.

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A fair number of small game of the meadows and fields of the Hungarian Lowland called Alföld, the water-birds of reeds and waterside can be found here. In the fields pheasants occur frequently and in the forests of Nyírség wild-hogs and roe-deer can be found. Not for nothing this region is called Mecca for Nimrods. The most famous hunting-field in the area is Gút Forest that is situated between Nyíradony and Nyíracsád. The top trophies of the world ranking list come from the fallow deer stock of this area. Hortobágy abounds in small game which attracts hunters from all over the world.

We recommend the visitors who would like to go hunting in the area of Debrecen Hortobágy to contact the local hunting associations.

Nyírerdő Zrt.
Web: www.nyirerdo.hu

Debreceni Erdészet
4032 Debrecen, Kartács u. 25.
Tel.: +36 52/486-026
E-mail: debrecen@nyirerdo.hu

Halápi Erdészet
4078 Debrecen, Haláp 105.
Tel.: +36 52/591-048
E-mail: halap@nyirerdo.hu

Gúti Erdészet
4258 Nyíradony, Gúthpuszta 1.
Tel.: +36 52/593-400
E-mail: guth@nyirerdo.hu

Nyírlugosi Erdészet
4371 Nyírlugos, Bélteki út 19.
Tel.: +36 42/388-500
E-mail: lugos@nyirerdo.hu

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