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Stage-coach Station and Hostelry and Charles XII. King of Sweden

The stage-coach station and hostelry built in 1690 at 6 Széchenyi Street is the oldest building of the city. For a while it used to be the house of the chief justice and the post office also functioned here for a longer period.

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On the wall a tablet reminds us of the most famous guest, Charles XII, King of Sweden, who was defeated by the army of Tsar Peter the Great and had to flee to Turkey. From Turkey he was heading home - keeping outside the Russian Empire -when in November 1714 he arrived in Debrecen. The enlightened king had a lively conversation with senators and professors in perfect Latin over a glass of wine. Since the Swedes are also Protestants, the royal guest was given a very warm welcome. Later he recorded with satisfaction that “in that far-away city” there was a well-equipped library. The notable event is commemorated with a relief on the wall of the building.

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