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“The Church with a Truncated Tower"

On the odd-numbered side of Piac Street, the Reformed Small Church is surrounded by Révész Square where, until the 18th century there had been a wooden venue for religious services simply called the “shed” and then later the “small church” since the big church was the St. Andrew’s Church.

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During the Rákóczi War of Independence the invading imperial troops desecrated the church, using it as a stable. The end of the wooden church came with the fire of 1719. The new church - and Debrecen’s first stone church - began to be constructed following a donation of a local citizen. The church’s present form dates from 1876 when the fence was demolished, the walls were strengthened and the shopping lane of the square was developed.
The tower was originally topped by an onion-shaped dome but in 1907 it was ruined by a huge storm. It was mended, but an even stronger tempest toppled it completely. Accepting God’s will, the presbytery gave up the idea of a new dome and gave the tower a bastion-like shape “temporarily.” Since that time that the building has been known as the “Church with the Truncated Tower.” The special feature of the building is that unlike in traditional churches, in this one the 15 steps lead downwards and not upwards, demonstrating that the level of the main street in the early 18th century was about 2 meters lower than today.
The tablet on the wall of the Small Church recalls an event in 1860 when 600 representatives of the Reformed Church protested against the unlawful decree of the Habsburg absolutist government which wanted to abolish the self-government of the Protestant Churches.

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