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The Old City Hall and the Hungarian Revolution of 1848-49

Debrecen and, consequently the City Hall, played an important role in the Revolution and War of Independence of 1848-49.

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The Hungarian Government moved from Pest-Buda to Debrecen, together with Governor-President Lajos Kossuth and his family, who lived here for a while, and the Holy Crown of Hungary which was placed in the “secret archives” of the city. Austrian Emperor and Hungarian King Francis Joseph also stayed here when he visited Debrecen. A great number of historic documents and archival treasures, letters and charters of princes, kings, emperors and Turkish rulers have been preserved within the walls of the Old City Hall.
The building has served as the centre of local administration since 1531. Over the centuries it was linked to several private houses, and after a great fire it was demolished and rebuilt in classicist style in 1842-43. The first assembly in the reconstructed building was held in May 1844. Today the building houses the Debrecen City Council and the Mayor’s Office as well as the county archives.

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