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The trees of Simonyi Street

Péterfia Street continues as Simonyi Street which was named after Colonel József Simonyi, the most gallant Hungarian hussar. He studied at the Piarist school in Debrecen and at the age of 15 he joined the army.

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He fought in the Napoleonic Wars and was awarded all possible medals and badges of distinction. In 1810s he ended up in Debrecen where he went to the Great Forest with his soldiers to drill and have fun. He made his soldiers repair the road later known as Simonyi Dike (today Simonyi Street) where he had young poplar and maple trees planted at his own cost. According to the legend he put a soldier by each tree to prevent it being vandalised.
The dried-out trees were later replaced by acacias. From 1884 a steam engine transported passengers from the Railway Station to the Great Forest between the rows of trees and then in 1911 trams replaced the steam engine. In 1929 the trees froze. The lime-trees planted then are under protection.

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