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Baltazár Dezső Square

This modern square, located on the edge of the historic city center, is named after Dezső Baltazár, a reformed bishop of Debrecen.

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Thanks to the regular open-door events, the nice fountain, as well as the contemporary art gallery MODEM and Kölcsey Convention Center, in recent years the square has become one of the most ambient public spaces, frequented and favored by many. In 2009, on the 40th anniversary of the Debrecen Flower Festival, the city’s first “flower clock”, a large sundial was dedicated on the square just outside of Hotel Lycium. Its axis is a limestone column sculpted into the shape of a prism. The dial is a long metal rod, with arcs of metal underneath referring to the astral courses. The end of the dial is decorated by a motif in the shape of the wings of a phoenix bird, which is the symbol of the city. The entire the structure is reminiscent of a draw well, which evokes the world of the “puszta”. It is at the location of this sundial that the house of Ferenc Kölcsey, the author of the poem serving as the basis for Hungary’s national anthem, once stood. The column and the sundial are reminders of not only the flower festival, but also the poet.

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