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Déri Square

This is one of the most ambient and intimate squares of Debrecen.

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 The location was formerly a small pond called Paptava, and then a botanic garden used in the natural science education of the students of the Reformed College. The square obtain its present-day form in 1928 when the building of Déri Museum was erected there. The park, which is slightly below the street level, is decorated by a fountain and four, large-size, allegorical bronze sculptures by Ferenc Medgyessy (titled Ethnography, Art, Science and Archeology), which are symbolic embodiments of the treasures of the museum. In 1937, the four sculptures won the Grand Prix of the Paris World Exposition. There are three more sculptures by Medgyessy on the square: on the south-western corner we can see the sitting figure of Hungarian writer Zsigmond Móricz, while near the stairs stand the Venus of Debrecen and the Dancer. The fourth bronze sculpture, the work of Tivadar Debreczeny, is called Contemplating; the sitting nude figure is an embodiment of female grace, delicacy and fragility.

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